Bahamas Cruise 2011 Video

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11.26.11 10:24 pm
For those that watched the sneak preview I have added extra footage at the end with narration.

11.23.11 10:45 am
Hello fellow Cruiser!
The Bahamas Video is finally complete after a month of waiting and a week of editing. This video was so much work that this might be my last video. I had to cut 5 hours of raw footage into a 1 hour 20 minutes of fun moments. Im not gonna re-edit the footage unless there is some controversial scenes.

Sorry about some of the bad audio scene but the underwater camera had some audio problems. One thing that I believe we will all agree on is that we dont remember alot of things that happened until we watch this video.

I will NOT upload this video to facebook or youtube since this video is way too long unless you guys want me to I do have a workaround.

I do welcome any constructive criticism to help me on my next video editing. I hope you guys enjoy the video. DVD available upon request.

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