Version 2.0
Last revised: 8.12.11

Welcome to lac127's RSVP center. This section provide users to create, edit, and delete any upcoming events to share with friends. This is very similar to evites and events in facebook but with more features. The new chart layout allows creators to to display visually who is attending and who isnt plus they have the added ability to leave a comment under their name. Please use the drop down calendar when creating a new event for the date field. This will ensures that my scripts automaticly move past events to the Past Events category.


1. How do I delete my comment?

You must first login with a valid users account and hover over the date stamp to reveal an X to delete.

2. Can I edit the event info?

Yes hover your mouse over the event and double click to reveal the editing page.

3. How do I change the status of my attendances?

Click on your name/photo to reveal the status change. You can also type in a comment to show under your name/photo. Double click your photo to hide the extra options

4. How can I retreive the old agenda if I accidently overwritten it?

Unfortunately there is no options to retreive overwritten agenda. You will have to recreate it or ask the person that created it.


Release Notes

Version 2.0
Release Date: 8/12/11
- Added ability to delete comments
- Now highlights the current day in the calendar
- Added more styling to the comment box
- Disabled random users from deleting events. Only account users can delete now

Version 1.0
- New design and new layout
- Added agenda field
- Moved calendar to the middle of the page
- Moved past events in its own catetgory


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