Hawaii Vacation Trip

Created by Candy
Date: Dec 13, 2012 Thu
Time: 6:00am
at Waikiki


Alii Luau Dining
Alii Luau Dining
Alii Luau Dining
Alii Luau Dining
Trip Price: $112.15
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Oahu Hawaii Vacation 2012

Dec 13 Thursday 2012
Alaska Airlines Flight - 827
OAK - HNL (Duration 5h 30min)
Depart: 8:15am - Arrival 11:45am localtime

Dec 18 Tuesday 2012
Alaska Airlines Flight - 836
HNL - OAK (Duration 5hr 25min)
Depart: 4:20pm - Arrival 11:45pm localtime

Ohana Waikiki West
2330 Kuhio Ave
Honolulu, HI 96815

Hotel Amenites
- Cable Tv
- Outdoor Swimming Pool w/Poolside Bar
- Free High Speed Internet
- Lanai
- Aloha Rate Kitchenetta Combo/Dinner Ware
- Hair dryer
- Coin Operated Laundry

Nearby Attractions
- Across the street from Internationl Market Place
- 3 blocks away from Waikiki beach
- Half Mile from Kapiolani Park
- 2 miles away from Diamond Head
- 14 Miles from Pearl Harbor

Things to Bring
- ID and Passport (Just in Case)
- Swimming suit, Life Jacket
- Lotion/Sun Block (lots of it)
- Snorkels, Goggles
- Sandals
- Camera, Electronics, iPad, Charger

(Tentative Schedule)

Thursday (Getting Around)
12pm - Arrive at Honolulu
1pm - Checkin at Ohana Waikiki West
2:00pm - Lunch at Hula Dog
3:00pm - Swim at Waikiki Beach
6:00pm - Bars/Restaurants

Friday (First Tour)
Oahu Grand Circle Island Tour - Roberts Hawaii: Cost $32

Some of the highlights include:
Diamond Head Lookout
Hanauma Bay
Halona Blowhole
Sandy Beach
Makapuu Beach
Chinamans Hat
North Shore Beaches
Dole Plantation
Helemano Plantaion
Pineapple & Sugarcane Fields
Pali Lookout
Pick Up at 8:00am Return at aprox 5:30pm
7:30pm - Waikiki Beach Fireworks
10:00pm - Club Rumors at Ala Moana Hotel

(Polynesian Culture Center)
8:00am - Breakfast at MAC 24/7 at Hilton Waikiki Price
10:30am - Pick up for PCC
12:00pm - PCC Admission
12:30pm - Samoan Village
1:00pm - Aotearoa Village
1:30pm - Fiji Village
2:00pm - Lunch OR Iosepa Village for Ukelele Lessions (Optional)
2:30pm - Canoe Pageant Show
3:00pm - Tonga Island Show + Spear Throwing
3:30pm - Tahiti Village
4:00pm - Fiji Presentation
4:30pm - Hawaii Village
5:00pm - Ali'i Luau Dinner
7:30pm - Ha: Breath of Life Evening Show at the Pacific Theater
11:30pm - Back at Waikiki
12:00pm - Bar Hopping

Sunday (South Shore)
- 9am - Pick up Rental Car
- 10am - Breakfast at Eggs and Things
- Diamond Head Hike
- Hanauma Bay day of Snorkeling
- ???? BOB Semi Scuba Dive

Monday (North Shore)
Open for suggestions.
-????? Waimea Valley Waterfalls Hike (Maybe...1.5hrs drive)
-????? Laniakea Beach (Turtles)
-????? Dole Plantation
-????? Maybe Manoa Waterfalls (30 minutes) - Very muddy hike

We can still do an early morning excursion here before we leave for the airport
4:20pm Depart HNL - OAK


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12.23.12 9:54 pm
Aloha and Mele Kalikimaka,

Oahu Hawaii 2012 Photos are now up! Please let me know if you would like a zip file of the entire gallery in high resolution. I will also post some of my photos on Facebook next week so if there are some photos you do not want me to include please write a comment in that photo. I will be editing the videos later since that is very time consuming.

Mahalo and Happy Holidays,


12.12.12 9:23 am
Edgar Cristian and I will be at James house at 5:30pm and be at Moms house at 5:30am.

We should try to get to Marriott by 5:45am to get on the 6:00pm shuttle.

12.11.12 10:28 pm
I can check in at the airport right?

12.11.12 4:29 pm
Aloha! Its only 2 days left before we pack our bags and sail to the Island of Hawaii. Please make sure to pack and bring all your items like swimming wear, beach towels, sandal, ID, passport, and camera.
Siu can you pick up Mary and Van on Thursday morning?
Edgar can you pick up James and I and we meet at my house?
We want to be at the airport by 6.30am so that means we need to be at Marriott by 6. Pick up at 5.30 and wake up at 4:30 and sleep at 9pm.

There will be plenty of time to sleep in the airplane. I can already smell the fresh pineapple.

12.06.12 3:30 pm
cant wait

12.06.12 3:15 pm
Seven Days!!!!

11.30.12 8:07 pm
Does anyone know someone that can drive us to the airport on Thursday at 6am? Please let me know so I can figure out the ride situation.
I've also booked 2 cars for Sunday the 16th each for one day. Who would like to volunteer to be the 2nd registered driver? Someone without a suspended license please.

11.12.12 11:30 am
Here is a list of recommendation from Candy's coworker

Eggs n Things (there are about 2 on the strip)
*macadamia nut pancakes must try

Mac 24/7 – (on the strip, located inside Hilton? Hotel)
*they have a pancake challenge
*chicken n waffles are good

Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck (located N.Shore, a little passed Dole Plantation)

Marukame Udon (located on the strip, cafeteria style, for udon)
*be prepared for long wait lines
*fresh made udon, quick and cheap
*highly recommend curry udon noodles

Ramen Nakamura (there’s a boutique next by this restaurant where they sell silver sterling jewelry)
*recommend Oxtail Ramen

Shiyokiya Department Store, 2nd flr of the Ala Moana Shopping Center
*For take-out Japanese meals and snacks

DK Steakhouse
*has good aged steaks

Duke’s Waikiki (hear it’s good, but haven’t tried it)

Oceanarium (buffet, located at Pacific Beach Hotel)

Leonard’s Malasada
933 Kapahula Ave

Matsumoto Shaved ice (pass Dole Plantation)

Honolulu Cookie Company (famous shortbread cookies), located on the strip near Royal Shopping center

Dole Plantation

Paradise Cove Luau (located at Ko Olina, approx 45 min drive from Waikiki)

Hanauma Bay, for Snorkeling (heard it’s the best spot for snorkeling)

Fireworks (One of the Hilton Hotels throw nightly fireworks. Not sure if this applies during winter. Check in with concierge for location)

Diamond Head – Hike (takes about 1 hour for hike), awesome view of the Waikiki shore. Highly recommended

Pearl Harbor Historic tour

*for cheaper snack/foodie items than ABC stores (mac nuts… there are Hershey Mac nut candies… really good!)

Ala Moana Shopping Center (next by Walmart)
1450 Ala Moana Blvd

International Marketplace (on the strip)

Royal shopping center (on the strip)

ABC stores (tons of stores on the strip)

11.05.12 10:46 am
Aloha Everyone,

Our Hawaii trip is coming up in a month. I need to book our excursions now. I will book everyone for the Oahu Grand Island Tour for Friday and PCC with Luau for Sat. The total price for both excursions is $136.75 each person. I will try to check the price the kids. If you are NOT interested please let me know by today ASAP so I can exclude you.


10.10.12 2:32 pm
Latest News: James is now able to make it on this trip so we will now have to get 3 rooms. So the total price now is $580. BUT theres a good chance that Victor and Man will go. I will update everyone when theres more info. That also means that I will have to cancel my car rental since we dont fit. So for PCC we will book the tour which is an additionall $20 per person

10.02.12 5:34 pm
Thank God for 24/hour fitness in Hawaii!!

10.01.12 11:03 pm
I'm so excited. Only 2 months away. My first Hawaii trip.

10.01.12 9:35 pm
Aloha everyone! So it looks like I've just booked this trip for Siu, Luu, Keyden, AND.........Mary. This will be an awesome vacation. Can this trip possibly beat our Bahamas Cruise? I cant wait. Please let me know if theres any excursions or restaurant that you are interested in.
Also please keep checking the Agenda for the latest schedule since I'm constantly updating it.

09.30.12 9:56 pm
OK So I spent alot of time planning for Thurs thru partial Sunday. If anyone wants to go to any specific places please let me know so I can add it to our agenda.

09.30.12 2:56 pm
Hula Dog
La Mariana Sailing club
Ono Hawaiian Food

09.29.12 8:36 am
So I did a lot of research of our excursions and I found this website that can save us alot of money. $10 off PCC and almost 50% off a bus tour. The tour that I recommend is the Oahu Grand Circle Tour which is normally $60 but this site is offering it for only $32. I want us to do that tour on Friday so we can all get an idea of the island. Having a tour guide will also info us about the history and landmarks across the island....remember Sunny Jones? This is a legit site and they got great reviews from yelp. You can even book the tickets the night before and they will fax the tickets to our hotel.

Here is the link

The Volcano Helicopter Tour looks awesome too! Anyone down?

09.24.12 11:58 am
Kewl sounds fun! Cant wait!...Does the 1 - Polynesian Cultural Center include lunch since it is all day?

09.22.12 11:02 am
List of Recommended Excursions and Price
1 - Polynesian Cultural Center
(Whole day Event)
* Admission & Evening Show - $70
* Ali'i Luau Dining (Include adminsion, Luau Dinner, and evening show) - $92

2 - Hanauma Bay Snorkeling
(Half Day)

3 - Full Day Oahu Island Tour - $71
*Includes Lunch
(10 Hour Tour)

4 - Lanikai Beach (Mokulua Dr, Kailua, Oahu)

5 - Pali and Makapuu South Shore Tour - $43
South Shore of Oahu
* Spouting Halona Blowhole, Sandy Beach, Diamond head Crater
(4 Hours)

6 - Exclusive Rainforest Hike - $60
Discover the hidden hiking treasures of Oahu's lush volcanic rainforest.
* Includes bottled water and snacks
(1hr 30min)

7 - Eco-Tour Adventure - $55
Explore Ko'olau mountains on a private hike surrounded by lush tropical flora culminating at a beautiful waterfall.

Swimming and boogie-boarding activites included!
(Duration: 6hr)

8 - Sail and Snorkel Adventure - $65
Relax and recharge on this beautiful sail past beautiful Diamond Head and the Waikiki coastline of Oahu
(Duration: 2hr)

9 - Atlantis Submarine Tour - $120
(Duration: 2hr)

10 - Parasailing - $54
(Duration: 1hr)

11 - Navatek Sunset Dinner Cruise $87
(Duration: 3hr)

12 - Dolphin Encounter $105

* Pearl Habor
* Valley of the Temple, Kaneohe
* Dole Pineapple Plantation
* Waimea Valley Hiking Trail

Plus many more activites - Surfing, Jet Ski, Ski Diving, ATV, Mountain Bike Riding, Helicopter Tours

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