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Adam05.31.09 9:12 pmNice website...noooooo. No more Sonic! That\'s okay, this one looks pwnage.
Lily05.08.09 10:09 amVery creative, organize and fun to look at... Dont like the ghetto writings hahaha and the color but it\'s so you long hahahha so change it !!
David LeN/ASup!, nice site!
keenaN/Astill cant believe i failed the long lac test! lol i swear i know long lac. see you around work :D
HelenN/A..... I cant wait ! party hardy!.. well this time I know I wont be sleepy
candyN/Aomg like im bouta sign this guest book....well first of all long needs to change the error of huge ass pictures blockin the drop downs
WilliamN/ANice Webpage man! Keep up with the updating!
SiuN/Asup ya..whats everyones plans for the holidays? candy bday is on january..so ya ready to party??
LongN/ASup everyone. So does anyone has any idea of what you want you next vacation to be?

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