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Version 3.2

Welcome to my live chat. This chat room is design to allow easy communication between anyone that is visiting my site. Signing in is very simple, just type any message in the chat room, gallery, or rsvp forum to autolog you in as long as your cookie is enable on your browser. Beware just because you dont see their picture does NOT mean they are not in the chat room! This room is public and messages can be view by ANYONE in the world. To disable viewing of anyone NOT logged in type in PRIVATE in the chat to enable private mode. Private mode means that only users that is shown online can see the messages. Secure mode will force users with login and password access to the room. The chat room will log the last 12 lines of message and premenantly delete it after 12 lines or if the messages is longer than 1 hour old.

Here is are the details of each feature.

Disable - Will minimize the chat window to not alert you of any new messages. Good if you want to browse galleries without anyone popping messages.
Buzz - Will pop up a message to get the attention of all users visiting the site except for those that disabled the chat.
Pin - Will pin the chat under the banner so it does not dissappear.
Away - Set your status to away. Also dims your picture to indicate your away status
Mute - Disables the chat new message beep. Also helps with browsers that does not auto refresh

Private Mode - Type in PRIVATE in the chat bar
Secure Mode - Type in SECURE in the chat bar
Public Mode - Type in PUBLIC in the chat bar

Clear the chatlog - Type in CLEAR to clear the message board.


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1. How do I get a picture in the chat room?

Please email me with your picture and I will determine if you get approved for a picture. Only frequent visitors and commentors will get a picture.

2. How do I change the color of my chat?

Colors are NOT supported in the chat room.

3. How to do I add hyperlink?

Just type the hyperlink in the chat. Make sure the link begins with "http"

4. Is the chat supported on iPhones?

Yes it now fully works like desktop browsers

5. My message would sometimes dissappear. What happened?

This is a known bug. Im working on resolving this soon

6. So how do I log out?

There are three ways to logout. You can logout from the live chat or from View Account or clear your cookies in your browser.

7. If someone just logged in to a private mode chat, can they still read the last 12 lines?

Yes they can. Im working on hiding it from new users that just enter the room.

8. My chat will not automaticly update the new messages

This might mean that your Firefox browser might have asked you to install a quicktime plugin. Please either install it or try using the Mute then refresh.

9. What are the list of action commands for the chat?



Release Notes

Version 3.2
- Many animations has been added

Version 3.1
- Added Emoticons
- Added security features that only allows the first computer to login with a name to view the chat. Any additional same name users will be blocked from the chat

Version 3.0
- Added the ability to load YouTube videos so everyone can stream at the same time
- Most commands are no case sensitive
- Added a News Headline in the chat. Double click to change it

Version 2.6
- Added the ability to load image preview in the chat as long as the hyperlink starts with http and ends in .jpg/.png/.gif

Version 2.5
- Added the ability auto insert Hey to target person by double clicking on their icon

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