Trivia Weekly Game Help

Version 3.0

Hi. Welcome to my new Trivia Weekly Game. This game is designed so that authorized users can submit weekly questions to others and take questions to challenege friends and family. Each users can only submit a single question a week. You can either try to get the highest amount of points to try to get the highest percentage or correct answers by avoiding the difficult questions or rejected questions.

Please try to submit questions that are not easy to search and please use facts only and nothing that is subjective. The higher the difficulity percentage the easier the question is. You also have an option each week to skip one question BUT the good thing is if you guess correctly on a skip you still get the point.



1. How do I login to get access?

Go to Project->View Account to login or go straight into the trivia section. There you will be prompted to enter your passcode. If you do NOT have an account here you will need to email the admin to create an account. ONLY our personal set of friends are allowed an account.

2. I forgot my passcode. How do I retreive it?

You can now reset your passcode by Project->View Account. Enter your email and click on Email me my Passcode.

3. What is the point of the Skip option?

Skipping allows you to take a free question each week in case there is a very difficult question. It will not increase your Questions Taken which would keep your Score percentages the same. If you answer it correctly with a skip then you will dramaticly increase your score with the possiblity of scoring over 100%. It is recommended to use skips on questions with high points value.

4. When can we submit our next week's question?

Sunday midnight


Release Notes

Version 3.0
Release Date: 8/6/11
- Photo option now supported

Version 2.6
- Started the new season
- You are now able to add comments

Version 2.0
- Added the ability to go back and submit questions for older weeks
- Added the ability to view other players skip's remaining

Version 1.7
- Fixed Out of Time bug
- Log player results after answering questions
- Allow visitors to view who answer what correctly or incorrectly
- Skips are now carried over from previous weeks

Version 1.6
- Added colors to highlight lowest and highest points or score
- Added ability to sort by score or points
- Added ability to use Skips

Version 1.2
- Fixed bug that does not show entire questions
- Fixed varies bugs
- Players result from trivia is now displayed in the live chat for everyone to see in blue text

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