Furious Family

This is a brain teaser game that I've made that's very simliar to the "Fox, Chicken, and Rice" brain teaser but much more harder. The objective of this game is to bring the entire family to the other side of the river bank by a boat. The family members are the Dad, Mom, son1, son2, daughter1, daughter2, housekeeper, and the ruthless dog. This may seem easy but the conditions is that the boat could only hold two passenger and the dad will KILL any daughters if the mom isn't there and the mom will KILL any son if the dad is not there and the dog will KILL anyone if the housekeeper isn't there. This brain teaser may seem very hard and impossible at first but don't worry there is a way to get everyone across without sacrificing anybody.

If anyone is dead then you have to start all over. To play just click on any family member and then click on the boat to cross.


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